Living Silence

- Realization Process

The Realization Process

The Realization Process is an embodied meditation for spiritual awakening and psychological healing. It’s a path to uncover the ground of our being.

We can experience this ground of being as subtle, unified consciousness, as luminous transparency and as radiant stillness pervading our body and our environment.

The Realization Process is a path to open to the experience of this radiant stillness and to heal and grow as a human being so that we have access to all our human capacities. It’s supports us in our life. We experience ourselves as human, as individual, inhabiting our body, and being the ground of fundamental consciousness that pervades everything at the same time. We have deep contact with ourselves and are open and responsive to the world we live in.

Other than most nondual teachings, the Realization Process by Judith Blackstone doesn’t aim for giving up the experience of individuality, but rather we uncover the nondual ground by fully inhabiting the body and making deep inward contact with ourselves. This inward contact is deeply healing.


Fiona Ballmer Wegmann

Certified Realization Process Embodiment and Healing Ground Teacher. Empathic Ground Teacher. Nondual meditation teacher. Yoga teacher.

Over many years I have devoted myself to yoga, meditation, and inner spiritual work. I’m deeply committed to living my life from the ground of being - to embodying the alive stillness that we are. Radical transformation and healing are possible. I will support you to be deeply anchored in yourself, lovingly release traumas and constrictions in mind and body, and open up to the radiant stillness that pervades us all. I’m also happy to offer support in integrating spiritual awakening into your everyday life. I offer one-on-one sessions, workshops, and classes (in-person and online) in German and English.

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